Even Shy Cats Deserve a Fur-ever Home

There is so much about Here Today Adopted Tomorrow Animal Sanctuary that makes us unique, including the fact that we are one of a mere handful of groups that specializes in shy and fearful cats. You see, in most shelters, shy and fearful cats do poorly. They often shut down or lash out and become unadoptable. At Here Today, we believe that shy and fearful cats deserve a chance to flourish – and we know you feel the same way.

BrooklynTake Brooklyn, for instance.  Brooklyn’s entire colony was Trap Neutered Returned as part of our ongoing project to fix community cats.  However, the elderly couple feeding Brooklyn and her colony noticed her limp, which turned out to be a luxating patella making it difficult for her to survive outside.

After hiding in the Here Today's cageless cattery and cuddling with the other cats, Brooklyn slowly began to come out of her shell. Brooklyn now not only plays with the other cats and toys but flirts and demands attention as well.  Donations like yours made it possible for her to get the knee surgery she needed to live a life without pain in her furever home, playing with her kitty brother Smokey. 

Our shy and fearful kitties get adopted too! With your generous support, and a lot of TLC from our volunteers, Here Today is able to give these cats the time and space they need to grow into confident house cats.  Our cage free setting allows adopters to interact with and see the true personalities of these unique cats who would be overlooked in a traditional caged setting. 

BelvedereBelvedere is one of our lucky, formerly fearful kitties.  His adoptive mom, Cindy, writes: “When we lost my beloved Brando earlier this spring, my husband and I knew we wanted to get a companion for our cat Jasper.  Unlike the busy public shelters, the people at Here Today really get to know each of their cats.” Belvedere “absolutely ADORES his cat brother Jasper.  They are truly best friends. When we’re in bed Belvedere often times jumps in with us and ‘can’t get enough’ of us petting him.  Belvedere is a fantastic cat.  Although he’s not a lap cat he’s a beloved member of our family.  We couldn’t be happier to have him!”

Indeed, without your support, cats like Brooklyn and Belvedere would have had no safe place to go. Luckily for them, and for so many other homeless cats and kittens, Here Today exists and can provide shelter, patience and TLC thanks to you. Please donate today to ensure that these very special cats always have the care they need.

To donate to Here Today Adopted Tomorrow Animal Sanctuary, follow the link provided and click on Add to My Donation Basket, or use the code 15254 on your paper pledge form.