Ways to Help

We’re all busy, with multiple commitments and responsibilities. As an Ambassador here are two key things you can do that are effective and relatively easy:

  1. Make sure that each person in your department hears from you personally.
    • There will be four all-campus emails about UMACC (Oct, Nov, Dec, and Jan). Take the all-campus emails and forward them to your department members, along with a personal note. (Pro tip: Change the subject line to something meaningful, like “Why I give” or “What UMACC means to me.”) The note could include why you have volunteered your time to be a UMACC Ambassador, why you yourself give through UMACC, who you give to, etc.  If you would like some help or advice with what to say, send an email to umacc@umass.edu.
    • If your department members don’t have regular access to email, you could write a short note or letter, talking about the same topics (why you have volunteered, why you give, who you give to, etc.) and hand deliver it on the day the employee mailing goes out (Oct 20), or put it in people’s mailboxes.
    • Keep this in mind: The #1 reason people don't give is because they weren't asked. "I didn't know ..."
  2. Arrange to have a UMACC speaker give a 10-15 minute talk at a department meeting. Contact umacc@umass.edu to request a speaker. We can arrange for a representative from one of our charitable organizations to give a short talk. Research has shown that people are more likely to give after hearing directly from a recipient organization, even if they don’t end up giving to that organization.

For more ideas, click on Ideas for Ambassadors on the left menu.