Why I Give

Because only by helping others can we "be the change we want to see in the world."
Deborah Ferriera, Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity


My humble amount becomes larger when combined with this community effort.
Terri Holmes, Administration and Finance



It is really easy to give and it FEELS GOOD!
Karen Ayotte, College of Nursing




With so many organizations to choose from, I'm able to donate to as many as I'd like in one place. As much as I'd love to give to everyone else who asks, whether through mailings or on the street, I can honestly say I give at work.
Linda Smith, University Communications


Once a year I choose my charities and point and click and my donations are done for the next 12 months. Also, when I say "I gave at the office," I am telling the truth!
Liz Tousignant, Facilities and Campus Services



Payroll deduction offers the most painless way to donate to causes I believe in. It records the bulk of my charitable giving on my paystub and W-2 which is great at tax time!
Patrick Sullivan, Graduate School




Charities like St.Jude Children's Hospital need our help. Donating helps them and makes you feel good at the same time. Pick a charity that holds some meaning for you and make a donation. UMACC makes it easy. The donation can be taken right out of your check. There is no down side.
Luis Antonmarchi, Dean of Students Office


Charity begins at home -- local giving leads to a stronger community.
Teresa Ramsby, Classics



Helping those in need makes everybody's life better and strengthens the community.
Linda Shea, Isenberg School of Management




It frees me from the onslaught of the individual mail solicitations I get in my mailbox each day! Giving to the federations frees me from having to pick among the hundreds of worthy charities that exist. UMACC makes it easy!
Dot Morua-Fernandes, Research Business Manager Network

There are so many great organizations that I want to support and UMACC makes it easy for me to do this. Giving through payroll deduction means that I can give more than I would if I made a one-time gift and I don't even miss it!
Jacqueline Brousseau-Pereira, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

We believe that strong charities and NGOs are the most important pillars of a civil society.
Weiguo Hu, Polymer Science and Engineering




Amherst is a great place to live due in part to the number of amazing charitable organizations that provide valuable services - it is our obligation as members of this community to support them.
John Wells, Isenberg School of Management