UMACC 2020-2021

Making a difference, together! 

A Message From Our Co-chairs 

Dear colleagues, 

As the coronavirus crisis continues, more than ever we are grateful for the ways that members of the UMass community are working to protect our most vulnerable friends and neighbors.

Organizations that UMACC donors fund during the campaign are some of the front line “essential businesses” making sure that hungry people are fed and that homeless people are cared for as much as possible.

During our last campaign we raised $482,000. Local nonprofits received about $312,000 which matters now more than ever before.

We just want to say “Thank you!” again as we look forward to getting through this pandemic together. We look forward to standing up, dusting off, and getting back the important work of supporting nonprofits so they can do what they are best at, making a difference.

Thank you and be well!

Barbara Krauthamer, PhD

Senior Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Programs and Dean of the Graduate School

Greg Carvel

Head Coach, UMass Men's Ice Hockey