How to Make a Donation to UMACC (video)

How to Make a Donation to UMACC (screenshot instructions)


What is UMACC?

The UMass Amherst Community Campaign (UMACC) is an employee benefit that allows faculty and staff to donate to any charitable organization, through payroll deduction, check/cash, or credit card.

Dr. Willie Hill, Jr.This year's Campaign Chair is Dr. Willie Hill, Jr, Director of the Fine Arts Center.

"UMass, with its examples of academic excellence, generous community, and its philanthropic endeavors, is constantly inspiring me to exercise the privilege to give. For me, donating time or money is a privilege because it affords me a sense of satisfaction and worth that I get from no other activity. The UMass Amherst Community Campaign is an opportunity for us all to exercise that privilege of giving with integrity, and makes donating a simple process, while allowing us to do something we believe in. Participation in UMACC accomplishes so much more because we work together, and when we work together, our reach and our impact stretches so much further, and in ways that we cannot anticipate."

To learn more about UMACC, including the key benefits to participating, visit the About page.

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Goal: $440,000
$440,279 Raised
611 Donors

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