When you call to make your appointment, our staff will determine if you would best be served by an in-person or telehealth visit. To schedule an appointment, call 413-577-5101.


If you have a telehealth appointment at UHS, here's what to expect:


  1. Once you've made your appointment, check your email. You should have received a confirmation email from containing the Zoom URL for your appointment, as well as your appointment date and time.
  2. Login to the UMass Patient Portal and click the "Forms" tab. See if you have any required forms you need to fill out, and opt-in to receive text messages from UHS. When you opt-in, you will receive text message reminders from UHS on the day of your appointment, including the Zoom URL to join your appointment. If you have trouble accessing the portal, read our Patient Portal FAQs.
  3. 15 minutes before your appointment, expect a phone call from a certified medical assistant. They will review your medications, allergies and reason for your visit.
  4. At your appointment time, click the Zoom URL you received via email or text message to join your appointment waiting room.

Telehealth visits may be appropriate for the following health concerns:

  • Mental Health - Initial and follow-up visits
  • Management of diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, thyroid disease
  • Follow up of lab/diagnostic testing results
  • Follow up - ADHD medication
  • Follow up - eating disorder
  • Medication management
  • Birth control consult
  • Asymptomatic STI testing
  • UTI symptoms
  • Lab re-writes
  • Certain skin conditions

Patients may be asked to visit UHS to provide necessary lab specimens or tests. At providers’ discretion, a telehealth appointment may lead to a need for in-person evaluation.  

Equipment necessary for a telehealth appointment:

  • Internet or cellular data connection
  • Cell phone or computer with working camera and microphone (video calls), OR cell phone or computer with working microphone (voice calls)
  • Private space
  • Headphones with microphone (optional)