What to Know as an SHBP Member

As a Student Health Benefit Plan member, you can access care at University Health Services (UHS) while paying no out-of-pocket costs except pharmacy co-pays!

Coronavirus Testing (OTC) without a doctor order:

Effective for tests purchased on or after 1/15/2022, Wellfleet will cover over the counter (OTC) COVID-19 tests without a doctor order, limited to 8 tests per calendar month per covered member, with no member cost share. The test must be purchased for personal use, not for employment purposes, has not been (and will not be) reimbursed by another source, and is not for resale. This federal regulation applies to both fully insured and self-funded ACA compliant plans. The following documentation must be submitted:

  • COVID-19 OTC Test Reimbursement Form (must be signed)
  • Receipt from seller, documenting date of purchase and price
  • Actual UPC label from COVID-19 test box

Learn more and access the reimbursement form: https://wellfleetstudent.com/covid-19/

Here's how SHBP members can make the most of this exceptional health plan:

  1. Choose a Primary Care Provider from our team of 20+ doctors, NPs & PAs, then call (413) 577-5101 to schedule an initial visit
  2. Transfer Prescriptions to our Pharmacy - where you can also shop for over-the-counter medications, snacks, drinks, and personal care products at unbeatable prices
  3. Join the Virtual Waiting Room to access same-day urgent care
  4. Schedule an Eye Exam, and shop for glasses or contacts with your annual $400 credit (undergraduate plan only)
  5. Take Care of Your Whole Body with Acupuncture, Nutrition Services, and our Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinic
  6. Under 21, or have a child who is? The SHBP has a pediatric dental benefit which can be used through the end of the year the patient turns 21.
  7. Know that we're here to meet all your healthcare needs with...


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