Health Links

Want to know more about a particular topic? Check out what you need to know about online health information. Then, explore the sites below, which are recommended by UHS' healthcare professionals.


The UHS website is a resource for UMass Amherst students, faculty and staff. The contents are not intended to diagnose, treat or provide a second opinion on any health issue. This information is not a substitute for the services of medical professionals; users should consult a healthcare provider for specific medical advice. Links to external websites are provided solely for the convenience of users. These sites are not managed by UHS and the organization assumes no responsibility for their content. 

General Information

• American Association of Family Physicians:
• Centers for Disease Control:
• Mayo Clinic:
• Massachusetts Department of Public Health:
• Medline Plus:
• UpToDate:

Information in languages other than English

• Medline Plus:
• Google Translate:

Specific Topics

Alcohol and Other Drugs

• Alcoholics Anonymous:
• Al-Anon/Alateen:
• Narcotics Anonymous:

Children's Health

• American Association of Pediatrics:

Gambling Recovery

• Gamblers Anonymous:

Mental Health

• American Psychological Association:
• National Institute of Mental Health:
• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
• Half of Us:

LGBT Health

• The National LGBT Health Education Center:

Eating Disorders

• National Eating Disorders Association:
• Overeaters Anonymous:

Sexual Health

• American Sexual Health Association:
• Go Ask Alice:
• Centers for Disease Control (CDC):
• CDC sexual health fact sheet links

Women's Health

• UpToDate:
• CDC Women's Health:
• "Method Match" birth control decision tool: