Pharmacy FAQs

Who can use the UHS Pharmacy?

Pharmacy services are available to registered students, faculty, staff and their dependents.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept many plans, including but not limited to: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, CVS Caremark, Express Scripts, GIC, Health New England, Harvard Pilgrim, Paid Prescriptions, Medco, Tufts, and Tricare. If you have questions about a particular plan, call us!

I'm a UMass employee with pharmacy benefits through CVS Caremark. Can I use the UHS Pharmacy?

Yes. CVS Caremark became the pharmacy benefit manager for all Group Insurance Commission (GIC) UniCare State Indemnity Plan members on July 1, 2010. You don't need to use a CVS pharmacy for your prescription drugs. "The CVS Caremark network includes over 64,000 retail pharmacies," notes the GIC. "You may get up to a 30-day supply of a prescription drug at any participating retail pharmacy," including the UHS Pharmacy.

Do I need to show an insurance card?

Bring your insurance card or a photocopy of the front and back of your card and present it at the time of service. Many insurance plans have different cards for medical, dental and prescription coverage. If you’re not sure which is your prescription card, bring them all in – we’ll help you!


If you receive prescription medications during times when the UHS Pharmacy is closed, bring your insurance card to the pharmacy on the next business day. The medications you received will be billed to your insurance plan. If you do not take this step, you'll be billed for the medications received.

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What if I don’t have my insurance card?

To bill your insurance company for your prescription, we need to have some basic information. If you don't have a copy of your card, fill out this form and give it our staff or fax it to us.

Can I fill a prescription from my healthcare provider at home?

If you have a written prescription from your provider at home, you can bring that prescription to the pharmacy, or your home provider's office can arrange to have it sent to us. If you've already filled the prescription at another pharmacy, we're happy to transfer your prescription to the UHS Pharmacy.

How do I transfer a prescription from another pharmacy to UHS?

The pharmacy will transfer most prescriptions from an outside pharmacy, if valid refills remain. To do this, we need the patient’s name and date of birth, the pharmacy name and telephone number, and the prescription number or medication name.The wait time for a transferred prescription may be longer. Save time by calling ahead or faxing the information to us.

How do I transfer a prescription from UHS to another pharmacy?

Contact the pharmacy you'd like to have your prescription transferred to and request that they transfer your prescription. You may be asked to provide them with: the UHS Pharmacy name and phone number (413-577-5030); the patient’s name and date of birth; and the prescription number or medication name. 

The rules and regulations governing prescription transfers vary by state and pharmacy. Ask the pharmacy you want your prescription filled at about any limitations or additional information that may be needed.

What if I’ll be away from campus for a while?

If you’ll be within the United States, you have a couple of options:

If you’ll be continuing as a registered student, we can arrange for most prescriptions to be delivered to your home for a nominal fee. Ask the pharmacy staff for details.
Contact your insurance carrier to request authorization for a travel supply; have your travel dates available when you call.
Transfer your prescription to a pharmacy near you.

If you’re leaving the United States, call your insurance company and ask if they’ll allow a vacation override for the time you’ll be traveling. Have your travel dates ready when you call.

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