Occupational Health

Occupational health services at UHS help UMass Amherst employees stay healthy on and off the job.

COVID-19 Testing for UMass Employees

For information on asymptomatic COVID-19 testing at UMass, visit umass.edu/coronavirus/covid-19-testing. For symptomatic COVID-19 testing at UHS, visit umass.edu/uhs/covid-19-testing.

Animal Handler Screening

The university complies with federal guidelines for employees working with animals, using a pre-participation assessment tool. Specific accommodations, immunizations or protections may be recommended based on individual needs.

Commercial Driver's Exam

UHS is currently not providing Commercial Driver’s Exams. A local resource would be the CDH Urgent Care facility on University Drive in Amherst. 

Illness and Injury Assessments

If you have a non-life threatening, work-related injury or illness, you can be seen by appointment at UHS.


UHS provides immunizations and documentation for employees who need compliance with blood and body protection (such as hepatitis B vaccination or pre-exposure rabies immunizations for animal handlers). UHS also coordinates annual flu vaccinations for the campus community.

Laser Exams

Researchers using laser equipment are required to have an eye exam. Exams are available at UHS's Eye Care Services; call 413-577-5383 for an appointment.

Respirator Fit Testing

OSHA guidelines require assessments and respirator fittings for employees working in hazardous work areas. In collaboration with UMass Amherst's Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) department, UHS administers a health questionnaire, physical exam, chest x-ray, pulmonary function test and risk assessment needed for medical clearance. EH&S provides respirators and fit testing assistance. Download and complete the OSHA Respiratory Medical Evaluation Questionnaire. Please visit the EH&S Respiratory Protection Program website for further information.

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

Employees working in healthcare or early childhood education, or who are primate handlers, often need TB testing documentation.

Other Screenings

UHS works with employees who have specific health needs related to their employment. Examples include specific research health hazard assessments; lead testing; pesticide applicator exposures; and hazardous material handler medical clearance exams.