Acupuncture appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am - 5 pm. For an appointment, call 413-577-6511.

Acupuncture originated in China about 5,000 years ago. Practitioners treat the person as an integrated whole in body, mind and spirit, and seek to remedy the root cause of illness, not only the symptoms. Acupuncture focuses on reestablishing balance in the body, calming the nervous system, and providing a sense of peace and quiet. Acupuncture is used in treatment of anxiety and depression, insomnia, headaches, digestive discomforts, and neck, shoulder, and back pains.

Acupuncture is available from licensed independent providers through UHS' specialty clinic, on the lower level of the health center.


The Student Health Benefit Plan covers acupuncture at UHS. Treatment is also available on a fee-for-service basis; if your insurance plan covers acupuncture, you may submit claims to them for reimbursement.

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