Paying for STI and HIV testing

Using insurance

Many insurance companies cover at least part of screening tests for STIs and HIV.

Based on your risk assessment, your provider may recommend multiple testing sites and methods. Each of these are considered different tests, meaning each will incur a separate charge.

Always call your health insurance carrier for information about STI and HIV testing coverage at UHS. You're ultimately responsible for the cost of your care. If your insurance plan doesn't cover tests which have been performed, or if you don't provide current insurance information to UHS, you'll be billed.

Ways to pay

Pay your UHS patient bill online, in person or by mail.

If you choose not to use insurance for testing, you can pay out-of-pocket. Current testing charges* are:

  • HIV test: $42
  • Syphillis test: $5
  • Gonorrhea and chlamydia testing**
    • Urine: $68
    • Anal: $68
    • Vaginal: $68
    • Oral: $68

*Charges are subject to change.
**Your provider will recommend which sites should be tested, based on your risk assessment.

Other payment arrangements may be possible – talk to your healthcare provider.