Spring Welcome & Walk-In Clinic Improvements

Welcome back to UMass and UHS! We are continuously working to improve the Walk-In Clinic Virtual Waiting Room experience. This new system has allowed us to see record daily volumes of patients in the UHS Walk-In Clinic. Our goal this semester is to improve upon your experience from the fall semester, bringing you shorter wait times and more accuracy regarding your place in the queue.

This spring, when you join the Virtual Waiting Room (either online or by texting UMASSUHS to 413-992-3326), you will be notified how many people are ahead of you in the queue - i.e., “There are 4 people ahead of you.” This is a change from last semester, when patients received an estimated wait time. You will be notified again when you should proceed to UHS. To check how many people are ahead of you in line, you can text “S” for a status update. If you need more time before your visit, text “H” and follow the prompt to request more time.

We wish you a healthy and happy start to the semester!