COVID-19 Vaccine


For information on the UMass COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, visit

(Updated 5/19/22) UMass Amherst requires all students who wish to live, learn, or conduct research on campus, access campus resources, or participate in campus events to be vaccinated for COVID-19 with a complete initial vaccine series. The university also highly recommends COVID-19 boosters for eligible students prior to the fall 2022 semester, consistent with timely CDC guidance and other applicable local, state, and federal legal guidance and authority. All vaccination requirements are subject to legally-recognized medical, disability, and religious accommodations. Scientific evidence to date, including the demonstrated effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, supports the university’s position. At all times, the university reserves the right to take additional steps, including current or future vaccines or boosters, and to require students to comply with other mitigation strategies, including testing and masking.

Students may apply for a religious or medical exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

Follow steps below to submit your COVID-19 vaccine and/or booster information to UMass. IMPORTANT: You must complete steps on BOTH the "Immunization" AND "Upload" pages of the portal for us to verify your record. 

    1. Login to the UMass Patient Portal and click the “Immunization” tab.
    2. For your original vaccine series, select "COVID-19 Vaccines." Find your vaccine type and enter the date(s) you received your vaccine.
    3. To update your record with your booster dose, scroll down to the last category, "COVID-19 Boosters." Find your vaccine type and enter the date you received your booster.
    4. Click "Submit" and go to the Upload page.
    5. Under "Documents Available to be Uploaded," select A – REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS FORM. Upload a photo of the vaccine card that you were given by the health care provider who administered the immunization. (New Students: If you submit a Required Immunization Form or other immunization documentation from your healthcare provider that includes your COVID-19 vaccine doses, you do not need to submit a photo of your COVID-19 vaccine card.)

    If you need help accessing the UMass Patient Portal, please review our Patient Portal FAQs or email

    Medical and Religious Exemption Requests

    (Updated November 30, 2021) Students attending UMass may request an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination requirement, subject to religious and disability accommodations pursuant to state and federal law.

    To submit a medical or religious exemption request:

    1. Select the appropriate form: Medical Exemption Request or Religious Exemption Request
    2. Download and complete the form (must be signed by a parent or guardian if student is under 18)
    3. Login to the UMass Patient Portal and click “Upload” 
    4. Select “Required Immunizations Form,” upload and submit the completed form and any supporting materials

    For both religious and medical exemptions:

    • In the event of an identified elevated public health risk, emergency, or outbreak, exempt individuals may be isolated and/or excluded from campus, including but not limited to all classes, activities, travel, and on-campus housing.
    • Twice weekly required testing will be substituted for vaccination in students receiving religious or medical exemption.