Health Withdrawals

Sometimes, health issues can affect your ability to continue courses or stay in school.

Update 8/18/2020: For withdrawal/readmission forms and information, please email Brianna Mathieu or call 413-577-5271; do not come to the UHS building. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment at UHS!

Course Withdrawals

Some students ask UHS's staff to document reasons for course withdrawals. In general, course withdrawals for medical reasons are recommended by the treating provider.

University Withdrawals

If a health problem prevents you from successfully completing the semester's course work, you can ask for a health withdrawal from the university. Occasionally, students are asked to leave school involuntarily.

If you want to withdraw from school voluntarily due to your health problem, you must receive a recommendation from a UHS clinician or an outside provider. UHS's medical director makes the final determination. To return to school, you must show proof that your health problem no longer prevents you from successfully completing course work. In most cases, at least one academic semester must pass before readmission can be considered. 

Rarely, students are asked to leave school involuntarily, due to serious life-threatening circumstances. These withdrawals are approved by UHS’s medical director, with input from the Dean of Students' Office. Involuntary withdrawals may be appealed; procedures are available from the Registrar’s Office. To return, students must show they can attend school safely. An interview with UHS' medical director or designee is required for readmission.

Withdrawal Forms

For withdrawal and readmission forms, or for more infromation, email Brianna Mathieu or call 413-577-5271. Withdrawal and readmission forms are also available from the Dean of Students' Office, 227 Whitmore Building.