Tips and Timesavers

Choose a Primary Care Provider

Your UHS primary care provider, or PCP, will be responsible for the majority of your health care while you’re at UMass Amherst. This person will also coordinate care with specialists, or your home practitioner if you so choose. Learn more about PCPs, explore our provider directory, then call (413) 577-5101 for an appointment.

Need Care?

Advance appointments are best for routine care and minor problems. Call (413) 577-5101. If you have a UHS primary care provider, great! If not, we'll match you with one that meets your needs and preferences.

Same-day appointments get you seen quickly, at a time that's best for you. Call (413) 577-5101. These appointments fill up fast  – call early in the morning. Hours are posted on the home page.

Walk-in care is for problems that can't wait. Just walk in during health center hours, or use our text service and wait where you're most comfortable. Text “clinic” to (413) 944-8562. You’ll receive a response text with your number and a reminder text when it's almost your turn to be seen.

Questions? Need help? Call the Triage Advice Nurse, (413) 577-5229 during health center hours.

Hearing or speech impairments? Access the UHS TTY system; call (413) 545-5905.

Checking In for Appointments

If it’s your first time being seen at UHS, stop at Patient Services before going to your appointment. Otherwise, go to the Central Registration area, just past the elevator on the first floor. 

If you’re seeing the eye doctor, check in with the Eye Care Services staff on the second floor of UHS; there’s no need to stop at Central Registration.

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At Your Appointment

Ask questions! Being an active, informed consumer helps ensure you and your loved ones receive high-quality care. There are 10 basic questions everyone should ask at medical appointments. Get the list and build your own with the handy tool from Questions are the Answer.


Save time by printing and completing any necessary UHS forms before your first visit to UHS; be sure to bring the forms with you. You can also print forms for the release of medical records information from our site.


Bring your insurance card and/or pharmacy card with you every time you come to UHS. The pharmacy will collect your insurance plan’s co-payment when you pick up your prescription; you can pay with cash, check, UCard, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.


If your insurance requires primary care provider (PCP) referrals, you must obtain one for care at UHS. When scheduling an appointment, you'll be reminded of this requirement and asked to provide your PCP's name and address. To avoid the need to obtain a referral, consider switching your PCP designation to a UHS provider.

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To refill a prescription from the UHS Pharmacy, order online or call (413) 577-5030. Be ready to provide the patient’s name and date of birth, along with the prescription number or the medication name. Refills will be ready for pickup on the next business day.

The pharmacy holds prescriptions for up to 14 days after they’ve been ordered, although the exact length of time depends on the medication. It’s always best to pick up prescriptions as soon as possible.


Purchase condoms and dental dams at the UHS Pharmacy; samples are available from your Resident Assistant and at many health programs and events. Emergency contraception is available from your UHS provider and at the pharmacy.

Immunization Records

Massachusetts requires college students to have certain immunizations. Submit documentation as soon as possible after being accepted at UMass Amherst, before you start your first semester here. Information must be submitted before the end of the add/drop period, or a hold will be placed on your record. Questions? Call the New Student Immunization Program, (413) 577-5275.

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