UHS's HealthRide program provides rides for students referred to off-campus services by their healthcare provider, and those needing a ride home after being seen in the local ER.

HealthRide transports students to routine specialty appointments in the Amherst, Florence, Hadley, Hatfield and Northampton area, including Cooley Dickinson Hospital.

Using HealthRide

Follow these three steps to schedule a ride to and from your off-campus health visit:

Step 1: Request a Voucher 

At least two business days before your planned visit, e-mail a voucher request to

Your request must include:
• your name;
• your student ID number;
• your address;
• the address you're going to;
• the date of your trip; and
• whether you need a round-trip or one-way ride.

When your request is processed, you'll receive information on how to get your vouchers. Keep your vouchers safe – you must have the documents to ride.

If you require immediate, unscheduled services off-campus, your UHS provider can help you obtain a voucher.

Step 2: Schedule Your Ride

One area cab company is currently an authorized HealthRide provider:

Commonwealth Cab Company
Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week

For best service, call as far in advance of your planned trip as possible.

Unscheduled Trips:

  • If you're at UHS and need immediate off-campus services, your provider can help you get a voucher.
  • If you're at the hospital and need to get home, call Commonwealth Cab. They'll provide a ride, then settle the details with UHS later.

Step 3: Go

The cab driver will pick you up at your residence and bring you to the destination on your voucher. You must have the voucher and your student ID with you to ride. When your visit is finished, call the cab company for a ride back to your residence.