Location and Accessibility

The UHS Patient Parking Lot (Lot 72) is currently closed. Until completion of a project in Lot 72, UHS patients should park in Lot 62 along Thatcher Road beginning May 17. Patients should register their plate information immediately upon entrance to UHS. Parking in Lot 62 is restricted to the duration of the patient’s appointment.

UHS is located at 150 Infirmary Way, in the Central Residential Area near Franklin Dining Commons. Click for detailed maps of the UMass Amherst campus.

  • Free UMass Transit buses make several stops within walking distance of UHS. 
  • The UHS Shuttle offers free rides from residence halls to the main UHS building. Rides can be scheduled until a half hour before UHS’s closing time by calling UMass Transit, 413-577-7425.
  • The UHS HealthRide program provides rides for students referred to off-campus services by their healthcare provider, and those needing a ride home after being seen in the local ER.
  • UHS is accessible to those with physical disabilities.

Parking at UHS

  • Patient parking is located just beyond the UHS building, on the left side of Thatcher Way, next to the Durfee greenhouses. Parking is free while using the health center.
  • Before leaving your car, make note of the parking spot number you're in, and your license plate number. Validate your parking inside UHS, at the reception area for the service you're using.
  • Parking in the UHS lot is limited to those receiving services at UHS. Other visitors should use metered parking near Franklin Dining Commons. Violators may be ticketed and towed.
  • Limited 15-minute parking is located between UHS and Brooks residential hall. There is no parking on Infirmary Way in front of UHS; violators may be towed.