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Environmental Design Courses

Environmental Design | Courses | LARP Faculty

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

140 Awareness of the Visual Environment (AT) (1st sem)

Examines physical elements that compose a variety of visual environments including gardens and paintings; the cultural values underlying different types of American landscapes, from wilderness to cities; and the ways in which other cultures perceive, use, and create their own visual environments.

205 Dynamics of Human Habitation (I) (2nd sem)

How the built environment is shaped by humans. The forces that go into developing human settlements, how these environments change, how different groups experience the environment, and how enviromental designers work within this context.

291A Introduction to Environmental Design (2nd sem)

Introduction to the work of environmental designers and planners. Projects in architecture, landscape architecture, and planning. Seminar format.

335 Plants in the Landscape (1st sem) 4 cr

With lab. Introduction to 200 basic ornamental plants used in landscape architectural, horticultural, arboricultural, and other design uses; their identification, uses, and cultural requirements. Two weekly field trips around campus. Workbook with sketches required.

336 Planting Design (2nd sem)

Introduction to the theory and practice of planting design. Lecture, studio format. Includes field trips. Prerequisites: ENVDES 335, LD ARC 191A.

394A Writing in ENVDES/LA (2nd sem)

Continuation of the writing skills developed in freshman writing with an emphasis on content and style appropriate to the environmental design and landscape architecture field.

396 Independent Study (both sem) 1-6 cr

Independent study of a selected problem for qualified students. By arrangement. Consent of instructor required.

398 Practicum (both sem) 12 cr

Professional work or internship with cooperating firm or agency appropriate to the student's career choice. Open only to Environmental Design seniors with at least a 2.0 cumulative average. Consent of instructor required.

543 History and Theory I (AT) (1st sem)

A survey of people's past activities in shaping the physical environment. The re-lationship between the fabric of the human environmentˇits buildings, towns and contextual landscapes and the various factors that have at different times influenced its form and style. The forms and styles of design in relationship to their greater context.

544 History and Theory II (AT) (2nd sem)

Two lectures, one seminar. Continuation of ENVDES 543 from Renaissance to modern time. Prior completion of ENVDES 543 recommended.

547 Theory: Natural and Cultural Factors (1st sem)

First half of the semester: past and current forces, with a focus on those which affect land uses, the people and the environment. Second half: the responses of planners and designers to those forces.

(REG PL) 553 Resource Policy and Planning (2nd sem)

Examination of natural resource policy formation and the planning process at the local, state, and regional levels; the role of congress, the bureaucracy, and citizens' interest in policy formation; the interplay among forces of economics, technology, ecology, and design in the determination of policy goals and planning horizons.

(REG PL) 558 Issues in Environmental Management (2nd sem)

Alternative administrative arrangements for dealing with problems of environmental management and control at various levels of government.

574 City Planning (1st sem)

Introduction to city and regional planning and the urban planning profession. The role the planner plays in addressing the wide range of problems and opportunities, city or regional, that now, or may in the future, confront America's modern urban environment.

(REG PL) 575 Planning Law and Resource Management (1st sem)

Concepts of nuisance, police power, zoning, eminent domain, and growth management. Their application to management of environmental resources, including riverine, coastal, and wetland areas. Includes introduction to legal research. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

577 Urban Policies (2nd sem)

Urban issues in the context of city, metropolitan, and regional implications, changing functions, and relationships of central cities and suburbs, housing, zoning, urban blight, employment and industrial location, revitalization, and formulation of community planning goals.

597A Computers in Environmental Design (R2) (1st sem)

With lab. Introduction to the range of computer applications available for the environmental design professions. Site analysis techniques, computer aided design, and methods of data management on the computer.

Environmental Design | Courses | LARP Faculty