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Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Administration Courses

Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Administration | Courses | Faculty

(All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise noted.)

100 Introduction to Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Administration (both sem)

History, scope, components, development and future of the hospitality industry. Background on industry structure; overview of specialized areas relating to the management of food service, lodging, and travel operations.

103 Guest Lecture Series (both sem) 0.5 cr

Analysis of trends and practices by leaders of the hotel, restaurant and travel field.

104 Guest Lecture Series (both sem) 0.5 cr

Analysis of trends and practices by leaders of the hotel, restaurant and travel field.

150 Food Production Management (both sem)

Basic principles of food fabrication and production. Topics include culinary terminology, product identification, quality standards, nutritional cooking, theory and application of food preparation techniques.

200 Hospitality Computer Applications (both sem)

Introduction to word processing, spread sheets and database applications. Use of PCs in specialized hospitality applications.

230 Introduction to Travel and Tourism (1st sem)

Organizational structure; developmental characteristics; supply and demand characteristics; travel consumer behavior; and world-wide cultural, social, and economic impacts of travel and tourism in the hospitality industry.

233 Travel Agency and Tour Operation Management

Trends, operation and management practices of travel agencies and tour operators. Emphasis on computerized reservation systems, tour development, and interrelationships with other components of the travel industry. Prerequisite: HRTA 130.

240 Hotel Operations (both sem)

Practices and systems utilized in the operational management of the front office, reservations, uniform service, and housekeeping areas within a hotel. Prerequisite: HRTA 100.

250 Food Service Management (both sem)

Management of both commercial and institutional food service operations. Includes management by menu concept, site selection process, customer service training, functional cycle of control (purchasing, receiving, storing, and issuing), production forecast and scheduling. Development of operational and financial food and beverage cost controls, including menu pricing, budgeting, and internal/external sales analyses. Prerequisites: HRTA 100, 150.

255 Hospitality Risk and Sanitation Management (both sem)

Sanitation in food service operations; the handling of food. Emphasis on problems procedures, maintenance, safety training, regulatory requirements, and food service sanitation certification. Prerequisites: HRTA 150, 250.

260 Personnel Management in Hotels, Restaurants and the Travel Industry (both sem)

Human resource management in food service, hotels, and the travel industry. Functions of leadership motivation, job design, recruitment, compensation and benefits administration, preformance appraisal, labor relations, health, and safety.

298I, 298O Practicum Work Requirement 0.5 cr

Each practicum requires 300 hours of hospitality work experience. May be completed any time during the calendar year.

302 Junior Year Writing (both sem)

Hospitality Writing course for juniors. Topics based on current issues in the various fields within the food service, lodging, and travel areas. Emphasis on student participation in sound writing techniques and principles, especially technical writing methods.

303 Guest Lecture Series (both sem) 0.5 cr

Analysis of trends and practices by leaders of the hotel, restaurant and travel field.

320 Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Law (both sem)

Law as applied to hotel, food service establishments, and the travel industry: overview of U.S. legal system, contracts, torts, rights and duties of innkeepers and guests, liability for food and beverage service, travel agency operations, casinos, and intellectual property.

328 Ethical Issues in the Hospitality Industry

Examination of ethical issues in contemporary society; focus on matters of relevance to the hospitality business world.

333 Special Events and Conference Planning

Course requirements include planning and programming large-scale special events and conferences as well as developing goals, objectives, and evaluation techniques related to these events.

335 Commercial Recreation (2nd sem)

Methods and issues pertaining to management of private enterprise recreation establishments. Corporations, franchises, and small private recreation establishments which provide leisure goods and services to the public.

340 Hospitality Facilities Operations (both sem)

Management principles and practices relating to the maintenance of lodging and dining facilities. Systematic design and control of spaces to safeguard health and to maximize operational control and physical value. Prerequisites: ACCTG 221, HRTA 240.

344 Hotel Supervision (both sem)

Review of general supervision concepts. Introduction of supervision practices and use of MBTI in hotel settings. Skills developed in employee selection, room sales forecasting, employee staffing, employee scheduling, and departmental budgeting. Topics taught using examples from administration, garage, front office, and housekeeping departments. Prerequisites: HRTA 200 (or equivalent), HRTA 240, and elementary statistics.

348 Advanced Facilities and Service Operations Management

Design and management of hospitality facilities and services. Emphasis on developing analytical skills for efficient management of hospitality operations. Topics include forecasting, service mapping, yield management, and information technology. Prerequisite: HRTA 340.

354 Quantity Food Purchasing

Explores all aspects of food purchasing for the hospitality field: preparation of specifications, grading of food products, ordering, receiving, storage, inventories, accounting, channels of distribution, payment policies, federal regulations, ethics, economic forces, security, and buyer-seller relationships. Prerequisites: HRTA 150, 250.

355 Advanced Food Production Management (both sem)

First-hand experience in the management of a food-service organization. Students plan, organize and manage meal production and human resources. Includes recipe standardization, costing, timing, equipment, quality control, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) training, and menu planning. Lab work involves operating a production kitchen and dining room. Prerequisites: HRTA 150, 250.

359 Nutritional Issues in Food Service

Analysis of the culture of food and basic nutritional issues as they relate to food choices, habits, health, and the industry. Students learn to apply nutritional guidelines in menu planning and food preparation. Includes computer and food lab experiences. Prerequisites: NUTR 130, HRTA 150, 250.

368 Advanced Personnel Management in Hotels and Operations

Issues and practices for effectively managing the human resources of organizations in the hospitality and tourism industries with special attention given to social and environmental considerations of organizations and their workforces. Prerequisite: HRTA 260.

370 Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industries (both sem)

The use of accounting information for managerial decision making in the hospitality industry, including ratio analysis, CVP and budgeting decisions. Prerequisite: ACCTG 221.

381 Hotel Convention Sales Management

Operational and marketing concepts in planning, developing, and implementing conferences and conventions in hotels, conference centers, and resorts. Prerequisite: MKTG 301.

382 Hospitality Marketing Management

How consumers go through the procedures of purchasing the travel product, and how they respond to that purchase. Applicable to all aspects of hospitality/travel management, especially to marketing. Prerequisite: MKTG 301.

383 Hotel and Restaurant Merchandising, Advertising and Promotion

Market communications environment of hospitality firms; communication principles and their application to sales goals; effective utilization of the techniques and tools of advertising, promotion, and merchandising in hotel, restaurant, and similar hospitality industry enterprises. For seniors, others by consent. Prerequisite: MKTG 301.

385 Service Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism (2nd sem)

Application of marketing concepts to the service industry with the goal of developing marketing strategies from a service quality systems perspective unique to hospitality, tourism, and resort and leisure enterprises. Prerequisite: MKTG 300 or 301.

391 Seminar: Resort Management

The resort business, its history, planning, and development. Includes field trip to a resort destination or on a "floating resort."

392 Seminar: Alternate Labor Resources

Seminar and Service Learning course introducing the employment potential of identified supported populations in the U.S. as employee resources for the hospitality industry. Populations discussed include individuals with developmental disabilities; individuals with physical disabilities; economically disadvantaged populations (disadvantaged youth, homeless, welfare populations); minorities; ex-felons; and the older worker. Prerequisite: HRTA 150, 260.

394 Seminar: Gaming and Casino Management

Introduces the history and development of gaming, casino products, the gaming industry, marketing strategies, and social, cultural, and economic issues. Empirical studies and current articles supplement class readings. Focus on current trends, management, and financial elements unique to operating a casino.

395 Seminar: Restaurant Entrepreneurship

The principles, concepts, and practices employed by entrepreneurs who start a restaurant business. Students develop a business plan covering all components from concept to opening day. Limited to HRTA seniors.

Contract Food Service

Selected topics in institutional food service as they relate to contract management. Emphasis on unique aspects. Limited to HRTA seniors.

Food Service System

Selected case studies and journal readings in the food service industry. Develops analytical and decision-making skills for solving management and operations problems. Limited to HRTA seniors.

403 Guest Lecture Series (both sem) 0.5 cr

Analysis of trends and practices by leaders of the hotel, restaurant and travel field.

404 Guest Lecture Series (both sem) 0.5 cr

Analysis of trends and practices by leaders of the hotel, restaurant and travel field.

433 Tourism Policy, Planning, and Development (2nd sem)

Economic, sociocultural, and environmental impacts of tourism policy, planning, and development. Selected readings, cases, and models exemplifying the problems and opportunities inherent in the development of tourism and the purpose of sound policy and planning. Limited to seniors. Prerequisite: HTRA 130.

436 Club Management

Exposure to club management enterprises which provide member services and resources. Includes the methods and issues of management of private country clubs, city clubs and unique membership clubs. Prerequisites: HRTA 100 and consent of instructor.

444 Advanced Hotel Management
(2nd sem)

Integrative course in the diagnosis, analysis and resolution of complex hotel business situations, emphasizing practical problem solving skills and strategic management. Includes case analysis and computer simulations. Prerequisites: HRTA 240, senior status.

451 Beverage Management

Introduction to wines, beers, and spirits. The identification of various types of beverages; their origin, production, and availability. Emphasis on the buying, pricing, control, storage, promotion, and selling of beverages in the hospitality industry. Prerequisites: HRTA 150, 250.

455 Advanced Food Service Management (2nd sem)

Selected case studies, management simulations, and journal readings in commercial and non-commercial segments of the food service industry. Develops systemic and team-based decision-making skills for solving management and operations problems. Limited to seniors. Prerequisites: HRTA 250, 355.

457 Banquet and Catering Management

Analysis and evaluation of food and beverage systems in catering operations. Emphasis on planning, coordinating, and improving operations. Opportunities to plan and organize large on- and off-premise events. Prerequisite: HRTA 355.

471 Advanced Hospitality Finance Management

Principles and concepts of financial management as related to the hospitality industry, including investment, corporate, and managerial finance issues. Prerequisite: HRTA 370.

475 Hospitality Real Estate

Introduction to and understanding of real estate, real estate transactions and ownership, financing, taxation, leasing, and development in the hospitality industry. Prerequisite: FOMGT 300.

484 Hospitality Research Methods

Introduction to the principles and methods utilized in applied research in the hospitality industry.

491 Senior Seminar

Integrates previous coursework in HRTA into real operational practices and philosophy through readings and case studies.

492 Seminar: Mini-Series
(offered winter intersession)

Conference-style format of seminars covering a wide range of topics, usually current and future issues in the hospitality industry. Preregistration and attendance at ten of the 14 seminars required. Final research paper due during the Spring semester.

495 Seminar in Advanced Club Management

Case studies and advanced projects in club management. In-depth study and analysis of private country clubs, city clubs, and unique membership clubs. Prerequisite: HRTA 436, senior status, or consent of instructor.

Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Administration | Courses | Faculty