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Career Network

One Career Center Way, 545-2224

Even before they graduate, students need to make a number of life decisions. They are encouraged not to wait until their final year, but to begin exploring the world beyond the University early, with the aid of qualified Career Network staff. To help them make intelligent, well-informed career choices, the University offers career planning assistance, opportunities to obtain practical, preprofessional experience through co-ops and internships, resumÈ referral, and on-campus recruiting.

Career Planning: Various career planning services are available to help students make good career choices from their first year until after graduation. A computer-assisted guidance system, individual career counseling, and workshops introduce students to career planning. An annual graduate school fair, numerous career fairs, and alumni career panels are a few of the ways that help them explore occupations and graduate education.

Field Experience: The Campus Career Network's internship and cooperative education programs encourage students to explore academic and personal interests, acquire new skills, make professional contacts, and learn more about the world at large during the summer or academic semester. Opportunities exist in Massachusetts, other New England states, and many other locations throughout the U.S. Many offer attractive salaries which can offset some of the cost of attending the University.

Employment Referral and Other Services: Many students as they approach the senior year have questions pertaining to full-time employment.

Pre-employment services include the opportunity to interview with employers on campus, a computer-assisted resumÈ referral program, and career fairs, all putting students in touch with employers throughout the state, across the country, and even around the world. Job interviews by employers who recruit on campus take place at One Career Center Way and are arranged by the staff of the Employment Options department of the Career Network. Students register for campus recruiting and apply for interviews and job vacancies directly on the Network's Website: www-ccn. They may also consult with staff at any time by calling 545-2224.

The Career Network offices are open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. For further information, contact the receptionist at One Career Center Way, tel. 545-2224.