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Entomology | Courses | Faculty

Fernald Hall


Office: 102C Fernald

Phone: 545-2283

Fax: 545-2115

Chair of Department: Extension Professor Roy Van Driesche. Professors Clark, Elkinton, Ferro, Prokopy, Stoffolano, Yin; Associate Professors Averill, Burand, Vittum; Assistant Professors Normark, Porter; Instructor Childs; Adjunct/Associate Faculty: Brainerd, Coli, Higgins, Hollingsworth, Jakob, Johnson, Kunkel, Lee, Murphy, Nordin, Schwartz, Stuart.

The Field

Entomology is the biological science dealing with insects and allied arthropods, the most abundant and varied group of animals on earth. Insects directly or indirectly affect our health and well-being, as well as our crops, livestock, and property. The food production, distribution, and storage aspects of our nation's agriculture depend upon entomologists to manage insect pests.

Students interested in the area of Entomology are encouraged to consider the Integrated Pest Management concentration in the Environmental Sciences program or a Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC) major. For further information, contact Professor Burand, tel. (413) 545-3629.

The Minor

Students in other biological sciences may wish to develop entomological strengths useful to their majors. To minor in entomology a student must take ENT 526 Insect Biology, at least one of the departmental courses in basic entomology (Group A under the list of courses) and at least one of the six courses in applied entomology (Group B) for a minimum of 15 entomology credits.

Group A:

(BIOTCH) 385 Introductory Biotechnology Laboratory

511 Insect Behavior

585 Toxicology of Insecticides

655 Insect Classification

657 Insect Structures and Function

683 Insect Ecology

690 Molecular Entomology

690A Insect Evolution and Principles of Systematics

Group B:

523 Biological Control

572 Forest and Shade Tree Insects

581 Integrated Pest Management

592 Chemicals and the Environment

The department also offers courses in the Stockbridge School which is a two-year Associate of Science degree program in the College of Food and Natural Resources. Stockbridge programs are detailed at the end of this section.

Entomology | Courses | Faculty