UCard Photo Upload (Online Photo Submission)


Welcome new Students, Employees, and NENS!


UCard Photo Upload Overview:

​Online photo submission is available to all Students, Employees, and qualified NENS (Non-Employees/Non-Students) who are getting their first UCard and do not have a photo in the UCard System. 


Before uploading your UCard photo....

  • You need to be a matriculated student, an employee paid by the University, or a qualified non-emloyee/non-student.
  • You need to know your UMass campus NetID and password. This is the same username and password that you use to log into SPIRE and you UMass email.
  • You need a digital photo of yourself that meets our UCard Photo Requirements
  • You need a digital photo of your government issued id: driver's license, passport, miliary or other official state/federal issued id card.)  Please note that we will accept a driver's permit so long as there is a photo on it.  We will also except expired passports, so long as the photo is recent.  Please note:  If for some reason you do have, and cannot get, a government issued photo id, you may substitue a photo of BOTH your social security card AND birth certificateIf you are still having difficulties fulfilling this requirement, please contact the UCard Office directly.

Important tips for submitting your photo online:

  • Read and understand the UCard Photo Requirements BEFORE uploading your photo. This will minimize the chances of your photo being rejected.
  • Take your picture against a solid white background. (A taut sheet works well.) Photos taken in front of a white door with visible panels or a cinder block wall with visible lines, will be rejected.  
  • Look straight at the camera.
  • Rotate and crop your photo after you upload it.
  • Don't worry about rotating the picture of your government id.  The software currently does not allow you to rotate it, but we have access to view it regardless of orientation. 
  • Check you UMass email account to ensure that your photo was received and that it was approved or rejected. (These notifications will come in separate email messages.)
    • When you submit your photo you should receive an email (to your UMass email address) confirming that we received your submission.  
    • You will also receive a second email a few days later.  If your photo is accepted, you will receive an email notifying you of this.  If you receive this message, you are all set.  
    • If your photo is rejected, you will receive an email with the reason(s) why your photo was rejected.  You will need to correct the problems and resubmit your photo.

How the approval process works:

  • If your photo meets the UCard Photo Requirements the UCard Office will approve your photo and print out your UCard.  You will receive an email (at your “@umass.edu” email address) from the UCard Office notifying you that your photo was approved.  Once your photo has been approved, you cannot submit another photo. 
  • If your uploaded photo does not meet the UCard Photo Requirements, it will be rejected.  You will receive an email (at your “@umass.edu” email address) from the UCard Office notifying you that your photo was rejected, and an explanation of why it was rejected.  You will need to submit a new photo that corrects the problems.
  • If you do not receive either an approved or rejeced email from the UCard Office within two business days after submitting your photo, you should contact the UCard Office at ucard@admin.umass.edu

How long does it take for the photo to be processed and when do approved photos show up in SPIRE?

  • Normally photos are processed within one business day.  However, during busy times of the year, it may take up to 2 business days.  
  • Once your photo is approved, and you receive notification that it has been approved, it typically takes between 2-4 hours to migrate over to SPIRE.

Where you pick up your UCard:


  • Employees and NENS willschedule an appointment to pick up their UCards at: https://www.umass.edu/ucard/content/scheduling-appointment-pick-your-card-2
  • Students living on or near campus can schedule an appointment to pick up their UCards at:  https://www.umass.edu/ucard/content/scheduling-appointment-pick-your-card-2
  • Students living within the United States coming to campus in the fall  will have their UCards mailed to their permanent addresses prior to their arrival on campus 
  • Students with permanent addresses outside of the United States coming to campus in the fall will pick up their cards when they arrive on campus, location(s) TBA.
  • Employees, NENS, and students at either the Mt. Ida campus or Springfield campus should contact the UCard Office at ucard@admin.umass.edu or (413) 545-0197 to make arrangements to get their UCards.


Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about the photo upload process, are having diffcultings using MyPhoto, or have questions about the UCard Program in general, please contact the UCard Office at:

          Phone:  (413) 545-0197
          Email:  ucard@admin.umass.edu


Submit your photo!

  1. Complete the step-by-step instructions on the MyPhoto site.







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