Student Advantage Program

What has changed with the Student Advantage Program?

Student Advantage is a company that manages a national discount program for college students across the country.  Prior to  2019, the UMass UCard Office partnered with Student Advantage (SA) to include SA Membership information on student's UCards if they purchased a 5-Year SA membership.  With SA's shift away from membership cards to a mobile membership App in 2019, the UCard Office is no longer a Student Avantage partner.

The UCard Office will continue to support students who purchased memberships before 2019 for the entirety of their SA 5-year membership.  Should students need to get replacement UCards, their SA membership information will continue to be printed on them.

The University is still engaged in partnering with Student Advantage. Moving forward, Residential Life will be working with Student Advantage to market their new online discount program and App.

For more information about Student Advantage, please visit their web site,



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