Open UCard Debit Account Request

IMPORTANT: We have recently been receiving a large number of open debit account requests from cardholders who already have open UCard debit accounts.  Before submitting a request to open a debit account, please ensure that you don't already have an open debit account.
To check if you have an open debit account or not, please do the following:

  • log into GET using your NetID and NetID password
  • If, under Overview you see "Student Debit Plan" (if you are a student) or "Employee Debit Plan" (if you are an employee), you are all set
  • If you don't see a debit plan, continue with your online request below.


I would like to request that the UCard Office open a debit account associated with my UCard. I understand that in order to apply for a UCard debit account online, I must be an active UMass Amherst student or employee and must read and agree to the terms and conditions associated with having a UCard debit account.  I also understand that it may take up to two business days to open my account.

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Telephone: (413) 545-0197
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Mailing Address

UCard Office
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