How to Get a UCard

The UCard is the official UMass Amherst campus picture identification card. There is a student version for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing educations students. There is a staff version for faculty, administration, and qualifying NENS (non-employee, non-student).  To learn more about the UCard go here.


How do I get my initial UCard?

Before coming to the UCard Office, you must be an active student or staff and have a record in both SPIRE and the UCard system. Continuing Education students taking only non-credit/lifelong learning courses do not qualify for UCards.

  • Students must be term activated and have registered for for-credit classes. Please note that if you just registered or were just term activated, it can take 1-2 business days before your record shows up in the UCard System.
  • Employees must be active and on university payroll. Please note that if you were just put on payroll, it can take 2-3 business days before your record shows up in the UCard system.
  • Qualifying NENS (Non-Employees, Non-Students) must fill out and turn in completed NENS Request Forms to OIT (or IPO in cases where UMass is sponsoring their visas). OIT (or IPO) will give the NENS blue forms to bring to the UCard Office.

To receive your inital UCard, you must come to the UCard Office during normal business hours and have your picture taken.

  • If you are an incoming undergraduate participating in a summer NSO orientation session you can submit your id photo online.  Otherwise the UCard Office must take your picture. The UCard Office does not accept id photos from other sources.
  • You must pick up your UCard in person. The UCard Office will not mail you your UCard, nor allow another person to pick it up for you.

Before you are issued an initial UCard, you will need to provide the UCard staff with a current picture id, preferably a driver's license or passport.

  • Other picture identification is acceptable so long as it is current, has a clear picture, and includes both your name and birthdate.
  • If you cannot produce an acceptable picture id, you must provide official copies (not photocopies) of both your social security card and birth certificate.

In addition to a picture id, NENS will also need to provide a blue form issued by OIT or IPO.

Students registered through Continuing Education will also need to pay $30 to pay for their initial cards as the cost of those cards are not included in the CPE entering fees.


How do I get a replacement Card?

If your card was lost, stolen, or damaged you can get a replacement card.  Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the UCard office immediately!  To learn more about obtaining a replacement card go here.

Location & Hours

168 Whitmore Administration Bldg. (Map)
Monday - Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm
(Extended Hours & Holiday Exceptions)

Contact Information

Telephone: (413) 545-0197
FAX: (413) 577-0644

Mailing Address

UCard Office
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