Getting an Initial UCard

The UCard is the official UMass Amherst campus picture identification card. There is a student version for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing educations students. There is an employee version for faculty and staff, and a third version for qualifying NENS (non-employee, non-student).  To learn more about the UCard go to the UCard basics page.


Who qualifies for a UCard?

You must be an active student, employee, or qualifying NENS and have a record in both SPIRE and the UCard system. University Without Wall (UWW) students taking only non-credit/lifelong learning courses unfortunately do not qualify for UCards.

  • Incoming Students must pay their deposits before they show up in the UCard System. Please note that after paying your deposit, it typically takes a business day (in rare cases, two business days) before your information migrates to the UCard System.
  • Employees must be active and on university payroll. Please note that if you were just put on payroll, it can take 2-3 business days before your record shows up in the UCard system.
  • Sponsoring departments of Qualifying NENS (Non-Employees, Non-Students) must submit a completed a NENS form to campusIT.  (Please note that International Programs Office will submit NENS for International Scholars and other NENS in the United States on a visa.)


What is the first step?

Before we can issue you a UCard, we will need your UCard Photo.

  • Incoming students should submit their photos online using MyPhoto.
  • Incoming employees and qualifying NENS may either submit their photos online using MyPhoto or come into the UCard Office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm) and have their photos taken by the UCard staff.


Where do I pick up my UCard?

Please see Receiving your UCard for information about where to pick up your UCard.



How do I get a replacement Card?

If your card was lost, stolen, or damaged you should get a replacement card at the earliest opportunity.

Location & Hours

168 Whitmore Administration Bldg. (Map)
Monday - Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm
(Extended Hours & Holiday Exceptions)

Contact Information

Telephone: (413) 545-0197
FAX: (413) 577-0644

Mailing Address

UCard Office
P.O. Box 2364
Amherst, MA 01004-2364