Five College Students

Most Five College Students do not qualify for UMass Amherst UCards.   However, they may need access to certain card-based services while on campus.  Depending on the student's particular status and needs, these are the cards available to them:

  • Five College Engineering Students Living on Campus - During the year that Five College Engineering Students live on campus, they qualify for UCards.  All they need to do is come to the UCard Office with current photo ID, and they will be issued UCards, which can be used for both meal plans and door access.  Outside of the year they live on campus, they would not qualify for UCards, though they may qualify for other . (See categories below.)


  • Five College Students Taking Classes on Campus - During the semester that Five College Students are taking classes on campus, they may qualify to eat and/or access buildings with a UMass Amherst issued card.


Location & Hours

168 Whitmore Administration Bldg. (Map)
Monday - Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm
(Extended Hours & Holiday Exceptions)

Contact Information

Telephone: (413) 545-0197
FAX: (413) 577-0644

Mailing Address

UCard Office
P.O. Box 2364
Amherst, MA 01004-2364