Debit Account

What is a UCard Debit Account?

The UCard Debit Account is a UMass Amherst declining balance debit account. It is provided as a convenience to UMass community members, and is not intended as a replacement for cardholders' normal credit or debit cards.

The UCard Debit Account differs from bank-issued debit accounts in that:

  • it can only be used to make on-campus purchases  (Click here to see a list of all locations that accept the debit account)
  • you cannot withdraw funds from it - funds must either be spent down, or the account must be closed
  • it cannot be used to purchase tobacco products

Please note that using the debit account is completely optional. If you don't wish to use it, simply don't deposit any funds into it. Being a declining debit account, it will not function without available funds.


How do I qualify?

To qualify for a UCard Debit Account, you must:

  • have a valid UMass student or staff UCard
  • be an active UMass student, staff, or NENS
  • have filled out and turned in a completed UCard Debit Application
  • be at least 18 years of age (or have an adult parent/guardian co-signature on your debit account application)


What are the costs associated with an account?

The UCard Debit Account is provided as a convenience to UMass students and employees. As such, there are no regular fees associated with the account.

However, account holders can be assessed fees for the following reasons:

  • $25 - Bounced check
  • $25 - Reversed credit card deposit
  • $10 - Closed account for reasons other than having left the university


Ready to open or close a debit account?

Opening and closing a UCard debit account is easy.  To open an account go here.  To close an account go here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have funds automatically deposited into my account?

There are currently no options for automatic deposits for students, but UMass faculty and staff with a UCard Debit Account have the option of having funds deposited automatically on each payday through payroll deduction.  Setting up payroll deduction is quick and easy and can be changed or cancelled at any time.  To learn more go here.

Do I forfeit any unused funds at the end of the semester?

UCard debit account balances roll over from semester and year to year until the cardholder either leaves the university, or requests that her account be closed (See Close a UCard Debit Account).  Guest debit account balances also roll over in the same manner. However, if a guest card is unused for a continuous period of 12 months or longer, the balance may be forfeited.

How can I check my UCard Debit Account balance and transaction history?

There are a few ways to find your UCard Debit Account balance:

  • On the Web: You can check your balance through Get Funds, the online UCard Debit Account Management system . If you have not yet registered to Get Funds, you will need to register first.
  • At Points of Sale: At points of sale, your UCard balance will be displayed automatically after every transaction.
  • At Value Ports: Value Ports (deposit kiosks) specifically allow you to check the balance of your debit account. Simply swipe or tap your card and it will present your balance.
  • At the UCard Office: You can request your UCard Debit Account balance from the UCard Office during normal business hours.

There are two ways to view your transaction history:

  • On the Web: You can check your transaction history through Get Funds This applies to transactions after 8/7/2012 only.
  • By Email Request: You can also send a request to the UCard Office from your UMass email address, and we'll email you a report within 2-3 business days.  This is the only method for transactions prior to 8/8/2012.

Can I use my UCard to buy books?

UMass has recently moved to a new online bookstore vendor, eCampus is not able to accept the UCard as payment currently, though we are exploring this with them for the future.

How do I withdraw funds from my UCard Debit Account?

Because UMass in not a banking institution, federal banking regulations prohibit withdrawals from UCard debit accounts. The only way to get funds out of a UCard debit account, is by closing the account. Please see Closing a UCard Debit Account for information on how to close your account.


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