Close a Debit Account

How are accounts closed?

There are two ways that a UCard Debit Account can be closed:

  • Automatic Closure: A student's debit account is automatically closed the semester after the student graduates or withdraws from the university (in March for Fall/Winter graduates, in July for Spring graduates, and in October for Summer graduates). There are no fees associated with automatic account closure.
  • Requested Closure: Accounts can also be closed at the request of the cardholder at any time either online or at the UCard office. Please note that there is a $10 fee for closing accounts by request, with the exception of cardholders that have already left the university according to SPIRE.  *UPDATE* - The $10 closing fee is being waived during the current COVID-19 situation.


What happens to my remaining balance if I close my account?

A closing balance greater than $10 is refunded in full to the student. A closing balance less than $10 is forfeited.  If you are a student participating in Excess Express, you will receive you will typically receive your refund via Excess Express within 1-2 weeks.  Otherwise, it typically takes 4-6 weeks before you will see your refund check.


I'm ready to close my account.  What now?

To request the UCard Office to close your debit account, you must either submit an online UCard Debit Account Closure Form or drop off a completed and signed  printable UCard Debit Account Closure form to the UCard Office.

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