University of Massachusetts Amherst

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About UAIR

University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR)

provides timely information and analyses that support data-informed decision-making at the university; develops and extends Flagship Analytics, the University's analytics platform; cultivates and supports data exploration; and completes mandatory reporting. With campus partners, we care for university data by attending to issues of quality, consistency, governance, and privacy.

Flagship Analytics

is UAIR's central platform for delivering data and analytics to the university. Through the analytics platform, publicly available data on the website, and custom requests, we support campus and departmental strategic planning and evaluation, accreditation and program review (including AQAD), mandatory reporting, and budget processes.

Public Data

Additional information can be obtained through public dashboards, factsheets and data tables available on the UAIR and public disclosure websites. UAIR also collaborates with ad hoc data and analysis requesters to complete custom datasets, analyses, dashboards, and reports.

Data Stewardship

Ensuring a balance between data transparency and privacy is a critical part of our work. Working with university data stewards, following university data privacy policies, and adhering to the Association for Institutional Research Statement of Ethical Principles, UAIR enables access to data that is commensurate with data user role/s as well as trains and educates data users so they can utilize information and analyses to support a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus. 

Reporting & Analysis

UAIR collaborates with on- and off-campus organizations to do additional work such as: