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All services for the creative arts are free of charge and you will retain full ownership of your scholarly works.  The Technology Transfer Office is here to provide information and support.

Examples of the kind of help we can provide are listed below. 


  • General information
  • Registration assistance
  • Information on proper copyright notices, use of ©
  • Guidance re: obtaining permission to include third-party photos, diagrams, etc. in authored works
  • Referral and collaboration with the library’s copyright attorney and/or outside counsel

Confidentiality Agreements

  • Information about how they are used, typical contract terms and generally recognized exceptions from what is “confidential information”
  • Help in deciding if you want to accept or disclose confidential information, and if so, how long confidentiality should last
  • Referral to local attorneys who can provide legal advice or negotiate terms for you

Licensing Agreements

  • Advice on business issues, royalty rates, and negotiating
  • Referral to local attorneys who can draft agreements, provide legal advice or negotiate terms for you

Starting a Company

  • Guidance on defining products and services, target markets
  • Information about different types of business structures
  • Referral to mentors who can provide advice and guidance at no cost
  • Referral to potential business partners
  • Referrals to attorneys who can handle the legal aspects

Email us to request services

Lyne Laliberte, Program Manager

Burnley Jaklevic, TTO Director