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Dancers in studioTechnology Transfer for Everyone: Services for the Creative Arts.

Technology transfer is usually focused on inventions, but UMass Amherst faculty in the creative arts, such as authors, composers, artists, sculptors and architects also create valuable works that can benefit the public. 

Unlike inventions, most such works are scholarly works owned by their creators.  However, many such works never get distributed beyond academic circles, because creative artists don’t often know a lot about copyrights and trademarks or how to license them to publishers and other distributors. 

We have developed a program to serve these faculty members, their students and staff by giving them advice, guidance and perspective on how to protect and license their works. Some creative artists may wish to start new companies to develop and distribute their works, and we can provide you with some assistance and a list of resources to help you get started. 

Our goal is to make tech transfer a pan-University program that includes services for the creative arts along with technology transfer.

Some examples of services we have provided include:

• Working with faculty and graduate students to copyright their authored materials. These included works such as educational manuals, videos, courses and specific how-to training guides.

• Assisting faculty members with licensing their short video to an educational publishing company to be included in a textbook geared to school-aged children explaining how engineering and design inspiration can come from the natural world.

• Assisting in bringing a series of Developmental Biology Films to the public.

• Start-up counseling to a graduate student interested in starting a company around her community policy work.  

• Guiding and educating faculty about trademarking their service names and marks.