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Dancers in studioTechnology Transfer for Everyone: Services for the Creative Arts.

Technology transfer is usually focused on inventions, but UMass Amherst faculty in the creative arts also produce valuable works that can benefit the public. 

Unlike inventions, most such works are scholarly works owned by their creators.  Many such works are not distributed beyond academic circles. We developed a program to serve these faculty members, their students and staff by giving them guidance and perspective on how to protect and license their works. 

All UMass Amherst faculty are eligible for these services, regardless of their school, department, or center affiliations. These services will also benefit students, postdocs, staff and others who work with faculty to create such works. 

Our goal is to make tech transfer a pan-University program that includes services for the creative arts along with technology transfer.

We invite you to contact us at or (413) 545-3606.