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Goals, Programs and Figures

Overarching Goals

  • Bring the fruits of UMass Amherst research and creativity to the public.
  • Amplify innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism on campus through service to faculty, post-doc, student and staff inventors.
  • Help start new companies that can contribute to the economic development and innovation ecosystems locally and globally.


Inventions, Patents and Licensing

  • Strong focus on customer service for inventors and companies
  • Marketing of inventions to potential licensees
  • Flexibility on license terms so both UMass and company interests are served

Start-up Companies

  • Often the only avenue for commercializing cutting-edge technologies
  • Hands-on advice and workshops on company formation and product development
  • Referrals to potential business partners, lawyers and accountants
  • A seed fund to support new ventures

Services for the Creative Arts

  • Customer service for faculty in the creative arts and their students and staff
  • Assistance in securing copyrights
  • Business advice on licenses and other agreements
  • Support for start-up companies based on creative works

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Encouragement and support of women and minority inventors and entrepreneurs
  • Person-to-person outreach to encourage participation and offer support

Tech Transfer FY 2023 by the Numbers

61 - Invention Disclosures received

26 - New Patent applications filed

22 - Patents issued

10 - License and Option Agreements

  3 - New Start-Up Companies formed

$633,307.00 - Total Revenue received


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