From Lab to Market

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst manages inventions and copyrightable works developed by the UMass research community. TTO's goal is to benefit the public by moving technologies from our research labs to the marketplace through industry and startup companies.

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Patenting & Licensing to Existing Companies

Patenting and licensing inventions made by UMass faculty to existing companies is more important than ever. Established companies have ready resources and existing market presence, so licensing to such companies is often the fastest way for an innovation to reach the public. In addition, established companies often sponsor research projects related to their product interests, and licenses to patents from such projects can lead to product sales, profits and stockholder value.

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Technologies available for licensing

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Patenting Inventions & Helping Start New Companies

Biopharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence and green technology are just a few of the frontier fields in which university scientists make inventions today. Because of the high risk and the need to create new markets, starting new companies is often the best or sometimes the only way for these innovations to reach the marketplace. This has led the TTO along with other UMass departments to create programs that encourage and assist faculty and students in starting new companies that can contribute to our global technology economy and engender a diverse innovation ecosystem in western Massachusetts and the Commonwealth.

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