Off-season, weekend, and holiday trips may have an additional $39 per hour cost for dispatcher coverage outside regular hours. This would be for one dispatcher with the cost split among groups with trips.

New Rates Effective 9/3/2023

Vehicle Passenger Capacity Available For Rate

Front of Premium Buses

Premium Bus
37 Field Trips $49/hour plus $6.10 per mile with $350 minimum.

Sprinter Van Exterior

Sprinter Vans
9-11 Field Trips, Meet and Greet Within the Pioneer Valley: $65 / hour, Outside...

City Style Bus (exterior)

City Style Bus
40 Field Trips On Campus: $120 / hour, $300 minimum. Off Campus...

Two Accessible Van Service vehicles of different styles parked near a curb

Wheelchair Accessible Van
3-4 Accessible Van Service Please call for a quote

Meet & Greet Sedan Exterior

1-3 Meet and Greet Rates per trip depend upon the destination

School Bus Exterior

School Bus
44 seated, 40 if ADA lift required. Field Trips $45/hour plus $5.30 per mile with $300 minimum.
(413) 577-PARK (7275)
(413) 545-0056
(413) 545-4682