Transportation By Request

Field Trip Services provides transportation for large groups such as Registered Student Organizations, classes or conference groups. Click for detailed information for student groups or for trips sponsored by University departments.

The Field Trip Services Department also operates the Meet & Greet Service.

COVID-19 Information

Our department contact or the group leader (likely a TA or professor) must keep accurate attendance of those using the bus service for contact tracing purposes. If we learn of any cases of COVID we will contact this person, and we request the same courtesy.

Passengers and their guests are not required to wear a mask.

Any passengers who find themselves answering YES to any items on the COVID-19 Daily Self-Checklist are asked to stay home, refrain from scheduling new rides, and cancel existing rides as outlined in the UMass Isolation and Quarantine Guide.

Drivers are required to wear a mask if requested by a passenger.

Where possible, vehicle windows will be left (at least partially) open to allow for circulation of fresh air.

UMass Transit school bus outside of South College
(413) 577-PARK (7275)
(413) 545-0056
(413) 545-4682