Temporary Permit Program (TPP)

Temporary Permit Program is available to departments on campus and allows them to create permits, garage validations online. Please email tempprogram [at] umass.edu for any questions or for enrolling in the program.

For UMass departments only:

The Temporary Parking Permit Program (TPP) is a new way to order permits for guests and visitors coming to campus to visit departments or attend events. There is a simple log-in to the program that recognizes your Net Id and password. You can add other members of the department as well if you wished. No payment is required at the time of ordering through the program. At the beginning of each month, an invoice would be sent to you including all permits that were ordered for the previous month. Payments using speedtype or Procards (or regular credit) are accepted. If this is something you think you would be interested in, there are a couple pieces of information we need:

Department Name
Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Address
Contact Phone Number
Requested Parking Lots/Garage Validations


(413) 577-PARK (7275)


(413) 545-0056


(413) 545-4682