PVTA Route Schedules


  • B43 and R29 are are not operated by UMass Transit. They are fare-free during the semester, but require that you show your student ID.
  • B79 is not operated by UMass Transit and requires a fare year-round.
  • The other PVTA routes that service campus are operated by UMass Transit and are fare-free all year.
Number Name
R29 Amherst/Holyoke
30 North Amherst/Old Belchertown Road
31 Sunderland/South Amherst
33 Puffers Pond/UMass/Shopper Shuttle
34 Orchard Hill/Mullins Center Northbound
35 Orchard Hill/Mullins Center Southbound
36 Olympia Drive/Atkins Farm
38 Mount Holyoke/Hampshire
B43 Northampton/Hadley/Amherst
45 Belchertown Center/UMass
46 South Deerfield/UMass
B79 Amherst/Worcester Intercity

(413) 577-PARK (7275)


(413) 545-0056


(413) 545-4682