2024-2025 permits are available for sale based on the following categories:

  • Red lots: Employees and Post-doctoral students
  • Blue Lots: Employees and GEO members
  • Green Lots: Employees and commuter students
  • Purple Lots: Students living on-campus
  • Yellow Lots: Any university community member

Student and employee lot designations are number and color specific. Eligibility is based on customer group. 

Student parking permit renewal period is from approx. April 11 - July 1

*Parking permits may be obtained at the Parking Services office or online. For in office permit pickup please provide picture ID and vehicle registration.

*No permit refunds after March 30th

Regular Permit Fee Rates....for students, employees and vendors, contractors and non-affiliated customers are available in our 2024-2025 Permit Fee Rates [PDF]. Annual permit prices are pro-rated on the 1st of each month. Please contact our office for exact price of annual permit.

Purchase Permits

Purchase Your 24/25 Permit Here

Permit Fee Payment Options:

Pay Online

You may pay your permit fee online. Log into My Account to pay your permit fee online.

Payroll Deduction

Many employees of pary for parking permits using Payroll Deduction:

Permanent employees, 35-week employees
Number of Deductions: Permanent Employee — 25, GEO Member — 3

Working/Non-working Fellowships can get GEO price but cannot get Payroll Deduction.

Parking Services in office transactions can be done with cash, check and/or credit cards.

UCard Payments

UCard payments must be made in person at the Parking Services office.

Portable Permits

Employees may purchase a portable permit at any time. Off-campus students who have two vehicle registrations assigned to their permit are also eligible. The fee is $13. Students living on campus are NOT eligible to purchase a portable permit.

Motorcycles Permits

Are available to purchase at the Parking Services office. Please visit our interactive map to find motorcycle parking. Be sure to display your motorcycle permit visibly. 

Lot Waitlist

The availability of a lot is based on capacity. All lots are continually reviewed to ensure that as space becomes available, those who are on a waitlist receive priority. To ensure the integrity and consistency of the waiting list, requests are entered as of the date they are made. To add yourself to a lot waitlist, Log in to My Account. *You can not join a waitlist unless you hold a current year permit.

If you have a special circumstance (non-medical)

You can fill out the proximity parking needs form  available online and bring/mail it to the Parking Services office. The special request will be reviewed and you will be notified by phone or email of the decision.

Permit Replacements

There is a $14.00 replacement fee for permits not returned to us when a replacement permit is needed.

Permit Returns

Bring the permit back to Parking Services for a prorated refund.

If you returned your permit to stop payroll deduction or to receive a credit then you are not eligible to renew or purchase that lot. You may purchase that same lot again only if it is open for sales to the campus community. You are eligible to go on the waitlist. Permit lot spaces are held in place only for extended medical leave or sabbatical. 

*You cannont join a waitlist unless you hold a currently year long permit. 

*Lost/Stolen Permits are subject to $14 replacement fee.

*Upper Garage Rate is $1.85 per hour.

Permit Placement

The following instructs you where to affix your parking permit sticker:

Put the sticker on the passenger window (on the driver's side) in the upper left corner of the window.
If the vehicle has only one side window: place the sticker on the upper right corner of the driver's side window
Motorcycles: Clearly display the sticker on the front fender or fork.

If you have a portable parking permit, place it on the rearview mirror, or in the pocket obtained at Parking Services.

The permit must be completely affixed to the window using the permit's adhesive (does not apply to mobile hangtags).

Tinted Windows – Before affixing, contact parking services at 413-577-PARK

License Plate Recognition

To ensure vehicles are parking legally at UMASS Parking Services Enforcement utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) in conjunction with physical permits. LPR uses vehicle mounted cameras to scan license plates to verify they are connected to a valid UMASS Parking permit.  

The vehicle license plate number is part of the physical permit issued by Parking Services. To park legally on campus, the plate number must be linked to a valid permit and both the permit and vehicle license plate must be visible displayed. When parking, the vehicle license plate must face the drive lane.

Vehicles may be subject to ticket and tow if not visibly displaying a permit and license plate, or if a vehicle is not linked to a valid UMASS permit.

Permit holders are responsible to keep vehicle information current with Parking Services. This information may be updated by contacting our office by phone, or anytime online through My Account at Parking Services website. Up to 4 vehicles may be attached to one permit. For more than 4 vehicles please contact Parking Services.

*Lost/Stolen Permits are subject to $14 replacement fee.

Temporary Permit Fee Rates

Group     Day    Week    Month
Visitors   $8       $35      $120
Vendors  $13     $65      $200
(413) 577-PARK (7275)
(413) 545-0056
(413) 545-4682