Pay By Cell with Parkmobile

As part of this pay-by-cell option for this Fall we will also offer discounted daily rates for some surface lots for as little as $3 per day

Prices (Fall 2020 for Parkmobile Day rate)

  • Yellow Lots 13 & 14 $3.00/day   
  • Yellow Lots 11 & 12 $4.50/day   
  • Green & Purple Lots $6.00/day   
  • Blue Lots $7.50/day   


Use Parkmobile to pay for parking at UMass with your phone!

  • No need for coins to park
  • Renew your time remotely. No more racing back to the car or cutting a meeting, class or meal short
  • Pay from your car, office, classroom, or home. No more standing in the rain, snow, or heat to complete your parking transaction
  • Parkmobile sends text message reminders 15 minutes before your time expires so you avoid citations by remotely renewing your parking
  • Park in any paystation or meter on campus using Parkmobile (not in numbered lots unless otherwise indicated on lot signage )

Rate - Regular meter and paystation rate: $1.50/hr

  • Please contact Parkmobile for any questions regarding billing and/or account management.
  • Please contact UMASS Parking Services for information on pay by cell locations on campus.
  • ParkMobile is one option for paying the hourly rate and that it has a 99%+ up time but if it is down then customers are required to use the other payment forms.
Base charge of 1.50 per hour with max out daily rate
(413) 577-PARK (7275)
(413) 545-0056
(413) 545-4682