License Plate Recognition

To ensure vehicles are parking legally at UMASS Parking Services Enforcement utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR) in conjunction with physical permits. LPR uses vehicle mounted cameras to scan license plates to verify they are connected to a valid UMASS Parking permit.  

The vehicle license plate number is part of the physical permit issued by Parking Services. To park legally on campus, the plate number must be linked to a valid permit and both the permit and vehicle license plate must be visible displayed. When parking, the vehicle license plate must face the drive lane.

Vehicles may be subject to ticket and tow if not visibly displaying a permit and license plate, or if a vehicle is not linked to a valid UMASS permit.

Permit holders are responsible to keep vehicle information current with Parking Services. This information may be updated by contacting our office by phone, or anytime online through My Account at Parking Services website. Up to 4 vehicles may be attached to one permit. For more than 4 vehicles please contact Parking Services.
(413) 577-PARK (7275)
(413) 545-0056
(413) 545-4682