Field Trip Services for Student Groups

Field Trip Services are available to all University organizations. We expect that at least half of the passengers riding Field Trip Service vehicles on your trip will be members of your University organization.

Health and Safety Information

Please view updated health and safety protocols on our main page.

Payment & Rates

Payment for Field Trip Services has to come from your organization’s on-campus funds.  Student groups can access these funds by completing a Travel Form through Campus Pulse online.  Once your travel form is completed and approved, the account information will be forwarded to Field Trip Services.  Please make sure your travel form is completed at least ten business days (two weeks) before your trip; the Field Trip Confirmation Form should be attached to the travel form. The Field Trip Service reserves the right to cancel reservations not held by a completed travel form one week prior to the trip.

Field Trip Service reserves the right to cancel reservations not held by a purchase order one week prior to the trip.

Current Field Trip Rates

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made less than two business days prior to the trip will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to half the estimated cost of the trip.

Cleaning Surcharge

A cleaning surcharge, typically $60, will be applied if mopping is necessary.

Rules of the Road

Your group is responsible for the actions of all passengers, as well as for any damage to a vehicle that occurs during your trip. It is important that everyone obey safety rules. You are required to appoint at least one person per bus to make sure all rules are followed. The driver will need to concentrate on driving, so noise and commotion should be kept to a minimum while the bus is in motion. Groups holding evening social functions will be asked to complete a bus monitor agreement and return it to Field Trip Services one week before the trip. Field Trip Services reserves the right to deny requests for certain types of shuttle service or for transportation to open invitation social events. No alcohol or smoking is permitted on any of our vehicles. No open or closed containers of alcohol are permitted on board. This is a state law, as well as a Field Trip Service regulation. Organizations that violate the alcohol policy will be suspended from using Field Trip Services for four years and reported to the Dean of Students Office.

Seating Capacity

Please see our vehicles page for up to date information on vehicle capacity.

Transporting Children

Groups that will be transporting children should arrange to have adequate adult supervision, including at least one representative from the UMass organization sponsoring the trip. UMass buses are not "school bus certified" and do not have school bus lights. Children under five years old riding in vans must use an appropriate car seat.
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