1. UMass Transit runs buses as much as possible during winter storms, however, please be prepared for delays, detours, or (in the event of extremely severe conditions) potential service cancellations. Information will be tweeted by ... more
  2. When UMass cancels Fall or Spring classes for an entire day, buses run on a typical mid-semester Holiday schedule, similar to Veterans Day (as conditions allow):
    • Reduced Service: Routes 30, 31, 45, and 46.
    • Full Service: Routes 33,... more
  3. The following detours are routinely used (depending on severity of conditions): 30 Bypasses Valley Medical (during storms and on days after, due to plowing).... more
  4. Bus routes operated by UMass Transit are fare-free for Five College students, faculty and staff. For the general public, fares are on a proof-of-payment "honor system". Bus drivers will not collect fares/passes, but passengers are expected to have... more
  5. The B43 does charge a fare during the summertime. It is only subsidized by Five College, Inc. and therefor fare-free for students, faculty and staff during academic periods only. B43 is not operated by UMass Transit. For more information about that... more
  6. Yes, each bus holds two bikes.
  7. PVTA offers advertising space on its buses. You can find more information at the PVTA's website.
  8. 2017-18 Service changes effective Tuesday, September 5, 2017: Route Info Notes R29 schedule | map |... more

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