Electric Vehicles

The University of Massachusetts now offers electric vehicle charging stations.

All stations are managed through ChargePoint and require a ChargePoint card/membership to activate and use the Charging Stations.  

Membership can be done on-line at www.ChargePoint.com -or- by calling ChargePoint Driver Support at: 1-888-758-4389. 

The Charging Stations can be located through the ChargePoint Application, accessed at www.chargepoint.com

  • Click on “FIND STATIONS”
  • Enter Zip Code 01003 -or-
  • Enter “University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA”  to see all stations on campus and check availability.
  • Payment information can be found through the main ChargePoint webpage.

UMass Electric Vehicle Charging Policy Statement (January 2022)

All EV charging stations on the UMass Amherst Campus are managed through ChargePoint network. Users must have an account/card with ChargePoint in order to use the EV chargers on campus. You may sign up for a membership with ChargePoint or you may call ChargePoint Driver support at 1-888-758-4389.

All of the EV charging stations are mapped on ChargePoint’s web site: www.chargepoint.com and UMASS Parking Services interactive map.

Rules and regulations for use of EV chargers on campus:

UMass EV Charging Club - Those affiliated with the University (faculty, staff, students and retirees) who have a full year parking permit may register through ChargePoint to join the UMass EV Charging Club. Club members are allowed to charge at many of the surface lot chargers around campus for just the cost of electricity, currently $0.18 per kWh (May 16, 2023). To request activation into the UMass EV Charging Club please contact UMass Parking Services at parking [at] umass.edu or jwking [at] umass.edu  

Those unaffiliated with the University or those without a full year parking permit are allowed to use any of the chargers on campus but will be charged for the current price of electricity as well as the current hourly parking rate of $1.60 per hour (July 1, 2023). When charging at the Visitors Center parking lot located across Mass Ave from Haigis Mall, those charging will not need to pay at a paystation as the hourly parking rate will be charged through ChargePoint for the entire time the vehicle is connected to the charger. Those charging at the Campus Center Parking Garage will only be charged for electricity through ChargePoint at the current rate. Customers using the parking garage chargers will pay for parking through the normal garage payment processes.

All those using the chargers on campus are required to move their vehicles out of the charging locations within 30 minutes of completing their charge. Those that violate this grace period will be charged at a current rate of $9 per hour ($0.15 per minute). Frequent violators may also face other fines as deemed necessary by Parking Services. Demand for access to charging on campus has nearly doubled each year. Please be courteous and respectful of others that may need to charge on campus and move your vehicles when your vehicle is charged.

UMass Parking Services welcomes your comments and suggestions for improving the charging experience here at UMass.

jwking [at] umass.edu (subject: EV) (Contact Jon King for more information. )

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