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Scholars and Translators from the Colleges

The Translation Center collaborates with faculty across the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the Five Colleges. Many faculty either translate literary or scholarly texts or publish about translation phenomena. The same faculty usually offer academic courses on translation. On occassion, faculty members from the nearby colleges serve on graduate student examination, thesis, and dissertation committees at UMASS.


Amherst College
Name Department Email
Nusrat S. Chowdhury Anthropology and Sociology
Krupa Shandilya Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies
Adam Sitze Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought
Catherine A. Ciepiela European Studies, Russian, Creative Writing Center
Laure A. Katsaros French, Architectural Studies, European Studies
Ilan Stavans European Studies, Spanish, Latinx and Latin American Studies
Hampshire College
Name Department Email
Nathalie Arnold Interdisciplinary Arts
Jennifer Bajorek Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies
Norman Holland Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies
Robert Meagher Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies
Polina Barskova Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Mount Holyoke College

Name Department Email
Catherine Bloom Language Instructor Emerita of French
Nancy Holden-Avard The French Department
Andrew Lass Professor Emeritius of Anthropology
Martino Lovato Italian Studies, Romance Languages and Cultures
Michelle Susanna Nazarova Russian and Eurasian Studies  
Christopher Rivers The French Department
Carolyn Shread The French Department, Romance Languages and Cultures

Roberto Márquez Professor Emeritus of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Indira Viswanathan Peterson Professor Emerita of Asian Studies


Smith College
Name Department Email
Fernando Armstrong-Fumero Anthropology
David Ball Professor Emeritus of French Language and Literature and Comparative Literature
Giovanna Bellesia Italian Studies
Justin Cammy Jewish Studies and Comparative Literature
Charles Cutler Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Portuguese
Eglal Doss-Quinby French Studies
Velma García-Gorena Government
Kiki Gounaridou Theatre
Justina Gregory Sophia Smith Professor Emerita of Classical Languages & Literatures
Jennifer Guglielmo History
Marguerite Itamar Harrison Spanish and Portuguese
John Hellweg Professor Emeritus of Theatre
Ann Jones Esther Cloudman Dunn Professor Emerita and Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature
Sabina Knight Chinese and Comparative Literature
Malcolm McNee Spanish and Portuguese
Joseph McVeigh German Studies
Christen Mucher American Studies
Katwiwa Mule Comparative Literature
Thalia Alexandra Pandiri Classical Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature
Joannah Peterson Japanese Language and Literature
Andy Rotman Religion, Buddhist Studies, South Asian Studies
Nancy J. Shumate Classical Languages and Literatures
Joachim W. Stieber Professor Emeritus of History
Janie Vanpeé French Studies and Comparative Literature
Ellen Doré Watson Grace Hazard Conkling Writer-in-Residence
Sujane Wu Chinese Language and Literature
Lu Yu Chinese
Nan Zhang Theatre
Ling Zhao Chinese