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Interpreting for Special Education Workshop Series Booklet

The booklet was put together at the conclusion of the Spring 2022 workshop series to help participants remember the skills they learned so that they can continue to use and develop them in their practice. It collects content that the workshop leader along with the workshop series participants and the Translation Center developed in collaboration.

"24" x 36" poster designed by Anton Varga with poetry by Serhiy Zhadan

In Ukrainian, the English translation by John Hennessy and Ostap Kin, and a statement on poetry about war in translation by Polina Barskova. Receive one with a donation to support language services for newcomers.

Working with your Translation Center Interpreter

Welcome to our schools, our languages

This is a poster that we created in collaboration with schools, translators, researchers, designers, and students for Massachusetts schools to help welcome the 2021-2022 school year. We sent a poster to the MA schools we've worked with since 2018. The poster is now available to everyone! Please feel free to download and print copies. If anyone would like a 24” x 36” print version of the poster, make a $25 donation to the Translation Center by clicking on GIVE on our website. Then email us your address at translate@umass.edu, and we’ll send you one.

Celebrate our translators, our interpreters

In celebration of International Translation Day, September 30, 2021, the Translation Center of the University of Massachusetts Amherst asked select school districts, “what do you want your school community to know about translators and interpreters, or their work in Massachusetts schools?” We are pleased to share the responses we received. We thank everyone for their participation and especially the translators and interpreters who make a difference every single day!

To receive a print copy of the poster, contact us at translate@umass.edu.