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Thank you for choosing us! We appreciate your business. As a non-profit organization, the Translation Center is unlike language service providers. Proceeds are used to support faculty, students, and university activities related to translation, language, and cross-cultural understanding.

Translation Services

Western European Languages $0.18 - .25 / translated word
Slavic, Nordic, and Eastern European Languages $0.18 - .25 / translated word
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hebrew $0.19 - .35 / translated word
Languages of Lesser Diffusion $0.23 - .43 / translated word

Minimum fee for all projects $90
Notarization $10
University Certification no charge
UPS Overnight Shipping $20 Massachusetts, $30 all other U.S. destinations

The minimum fee and all translation fees include translation, light formatting, and revision. In addition, a project manager oversees the entire process.

There is a 20% surcharge for handwritten, technical, legal, literary, medical, and multilingual documents as they usually require specialized knowledge.

Rush Service Fee: A 20% surcharge is applied to any projects needed before our standard delivery time.

Related Services

Word Processing in languages other than English $30 / hour of service
Project Management, Page Layout, Formatting, Editing $40 - 60 / hour of service
Proofreading $.07 - .20 / word
Photocopying, Printing, Scanning $0.10 - 1.00 / page
Miscellaneous Supplies $1 - 50
Additional Copies (two copies are provided) $10 (includes shipping and handling)

Interpreting Services

All Languages

$60 up to $250 per hour (two-hour minimum) for in-person service


Travel Mileage Current IRS Rates Apply
Travel Time $20 / hour

Remote Interpreting for All Languages

VRI = video remote interpreting

ARI = audio remote interpreting

OPI = over-the-phone interpreting

Modes = simultaneous or consecutive

$60 up to $250 per hour (two-hour minimum) for consecutive, charged in 15-minute increments after two hours

$100 up to $250 per hour (two-hour minimum) for simultaneous, charged in 15-minute increments after two hours // simultaneous assignments over 15 minutes usually require two interpreters

Conference Interpreting

$350-750 half day*
$600-1,500 full day*
*Depending upon subject matter and languages

Cancellation Policy for Interpreting: All interpreting services cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting with be charged in full.


Interpreting Equipment (transmitters and headsets)

$125 and up, off-campus venues

$100 and up, UMASS venues

Workshops and Training

Workshops $90 and up

Language Access Consultation

Consultation $90 and up

Multimedia Translation

English-to-English Transcription $14 / minute of audio
Transcription of Other Language Combinations $18 / minute of audio
Audio and Video Translation and Narration $60 / hour of service plus translation rate
(three-hour minimum)
Subtitling and Dubbing $2,000 - 3,000 for each hour of video

Set-up Fee

Set-up - Some projects require additional support and involvment from project managers. Varies


Request an Estimate

There is no charge for an estimate. To request an estimate, email with a description of your project and any other relevant details. If available, provide an attachment including a sample of the content.

Our turn-around time for translation projects varies depending on the length and complexity of the project.

Make a Payment

We accept Visa and Mastercard. To pay with credit card, have your invoice available and visit PAY INVOICE.

To pay with check, send your payment to:

The Translation Center
129 Herter Hall, University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

If paying with cash at the Translation Center, provide the exact amount.