Nancy Buffone (co-chair)
Executive Director, External Relations and University Events

Enku Gelaye
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Campus Life

Niels la Cour
Senior Physical Planner, Campus Planning

Steve Schreiber
Professor, Art, Architecture and Art History

Andy Churchill
Senior Research Fellow, College of Education

Rolf Karlstrom
Chair, Biology Department and neighbor

Amilcar Shabazz
Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor for Diversity and Excellence

Savannah Van Leuvan-Smith
Undergraduate Student

Willis Chen
Undergraduate Student

John Horvath
Chief, UMass Police Department

John Kennedy (ex officio)
Vice Chancellor for University Relations

Dennis Swinford (ex officio)
Director, Campus Planning

David Ziomek (co-chair)
Assistant Town Manager and Director, Conservation and Development

Stephanie O’Keeffe
Chair, Amherst Select Board

David Webber
Chair, Amherst Planning Board

Greg Stutsman
Member, Amherst Planning Board

Scott Livingstone
Chief, Amherst Police Department

Tony Maroulis
Director of Community Relations

John Kuhn
Kuhn Riddle Architects

Ken Rosenthal

Phil Jackson

Jonathan Tucker (ex officio)
Director, Amherst Planning Department

Sandy Pooler (ex officio)
Amherst Finance Director