Title IX Team

The UMass Amherst Title IX Coordination Team is comprised of the Equal Opportunity Office, the Center for Women and Community, Department of Athletics, the Dean of Students Office, Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, University Health Services, International Programs, Student Activities and Involvement, the UMass Amherst Police Department, Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, and the Provost's Office. The team meets weekly to look at specific incidents of sexual or relationship violence and to assure that resources and responses are holistically coordinated across the university. Additionally, the Coordination Team ensures that Title IX education and training is provided on campus.

For any questions or to report a Title IX matter, contact the Title IX Coordination Team at (413) 545-3464 or equalopportunity@admin.umass.edu.

Members of the UMass Amherst Title IX Team

Interim Title IX Coordinator:

  • William D. Brady, Vice Chancellor & Chief Human Resources Officer

    In his role as Interim Title IX Coordinator, William is responsible for overseeing the investigation of Title IX related complaints, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking, and for conducting or providing training for investigators and employees on their responsibilities under Title IX. As Interim Title IX Coordinator, he chairs the Title IX Team, which coordinates responses to Title IX incidents, and chairs the Title IX Education Advisory Group. This group was established in 2014 to assist the Title IX Team by focusing on the education and training portion of the Title IX Team’s mission. It is comprised of faculty, staff, students and administrators and meets once a month to strategize and assist in the coordination of Title IX educational programs, activities and trainings that occur on campus.

Campus-wide communication of July 2, 2015 concerning Title IX

Deputy Title IX Coordinators:

*Please note that staff listed as confidential will not share any information unless they receive permission from the person.