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The Penny Remsen Design and Technology Theater Internship Fund

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The Penny Remsen Design and Technology Theater Internship Fund is intended to provide financial support to students pursuing internships or assistantships in theater design and technology. Disbursement of the award is managed by the Design, Technology & Management staff and faculty. Up to $3000.00 will be awarded per academic year for two rounds of funding.

Who is eligible: 
Freshman, Sophomores and Junior Theater Majors and 1st and 2nd year MFA design students applying for an internship or assistantship.

Criteria for selection:

  • Demonstrated outstanding promise and commitment to the art and craft of theater making.
  • Strong work ethic, demonstrated technical proficiency, and a commitment to professionalism.
  • A place of employment with an established professional program.
  • Award details:

Applicants can apply for up to $1,500

  • To receive the approved funding the student must provide a Letter of Acceptance or a contract.
  • The applicant must identify the mentor/teacher who will serve as the supervisor.
  • Awards need not be based on GPA or financial need, although either of these may be considered.

To apply, click here to fill out the application and:

  • Demonstrate how the award will support the internship or assistantship.
  • Identify the date that award decision is needed in order to sign contract.
  • Include a Letter of Acceptance or Contract from the organization. Students can apply to the Fund before receiving a contract, but must provide one in order to receive the funds.
  • Submit completed applications to Professor of Lighting Design Penny Remsen, with "Remsen Internship Fund" in the subject line.

Applications are accepted from the first Friday of the fall semester through the third Friday of November & the first Friday of the spring semester through the third Friday of April.